Hébergement confort Alsace

The creators of Logis du Printemps

The story of Logis du Printemps is the story of Marie and Thomas, who found each other to bring their ideas and ideals to life together.
It’s the story of a meeting of two cultures, two life paths, two sensibilities sharing common values, and lots of projects in their heads with a strong desire to achieve them together.

A meeting, a shared life journey

Marie and Thomas both found themselves working on the same project in the property sector, where they were both involved in customer service. That’s what brought them together, they had the same objective, the same passion: to find places to live for their customers who entrusted them with their dreams and hopes. As “property hunters” and scouts at heart, they were looking for the rare pearl, finding the best by anticipating and translating their expectations and desires.

It is still this sense of service that they bring today, and with the same spirit, through Logis du Printemps, but in holiday rentals. We’ll talk more about this below in the objectives of Logis du Printemps.

Marie is of French origin and Thomas of German. One is more pragmatic, with an eye for detail and a tenacity and concern for doing things right that are out of the ordinary, while the other is more intuitive, spontaneous and dreamy, with a great capacity for empathy. Their complementary characters and natural curiosity have brought them together and become a major asset in their relationship. They get on and complement each other perfectly in all areas of life, both in the city and at work.

For several years, they have been reflecting as a family on the possibilities of living differently, turning the page on the Paris region, which is certainly comfortable but not very fulfilling, and living and working more in line with their values and sensitivities as an ‘intercultural’ family, ecology, sharing, solidarity, kindness, a sense of welcome and service, and more in harmony with nature and their environment.

In short, they wanted to get out of their comfort zone and give the whole family a new experience. They went from encounter to discovery, letting themselves imagine a place to settle down and reinvent themselves, a living place with an energy that reflected them.

So, after criss-crossing several regions of France, the move to the provinces in July 2019 was a natural one, and what was just a revelation at the outset is now obvious: Alsace has become their new home.

Not only have they moved closer to the German border, and thus to Thomas’s family, but they have also found a cultural environment that is (more) in tune with their values. Strasbourg, the European capital, and the surrounding area are among the most committed regions in terms of ecology and environmental protection, not to mention the choice of alternative schools where their children are now growing up in a caring environment with quality education.

In order to share their passion for Alsace, its cultural riches and the wonderful encounters with its inhabitants, and to share with travellers from all over the world the gentle way of life of this beautiful region that they have literally fallen in love with, they quickly decided to embark on an ambitious new project together: to unearth and/or create rare places to offer enchanting tourist stays, true immersions in Alsace. They put all their heart and energy into the project, fine-tuning every detail to ensure the total satisfaction of their travellers, by imagining the most authentic quality accommodation possible, where nothing should be missing to make you feel welcome.

It’s not for nothing that they have now become Alsace Ambassadors.

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The values of Logis du Printemps

Les Logis du Printemps shares the following values with travellers:


Authenticity and Sincerity

The Logis du Printemps accommodation is unique in its quest for authenticity. Firstly, each property is different, and secondly, with Marie and Thomas’s attention to detail, nothing is left to chance. They have a soul, they’re real and sincere, and they’ve been designed with a lot of charm, using second-hand furniture and restored original materials to which they’ve given new life while respecting traditions.


Ecology and proximity

Naturally aware of all aspects of protecting nature and the environment, ecology is an important value for Marie and Thomas, whose constant concern is to leave a peaceful future for the next generations. That’s why they have surrounded themselves with an ‘ecosystem’ of local service providers and partners, and have selected the healthiest possible materials and supplies to make the best possible contribution to preserving the environment, while encouraging their travellers to join them in this eco-responsible approach.


Quality and comfort

Nothing is left to chance, in keeping with the adage “The best, nothing but the best” at every level. For example, in their choice of bedding and linen, they have opted for the best local manufacturers from Alsace and the Vosges, or the material chosen for the natural stone kitchen worktop. Over and above their old-fashioned, authentic character, Marie and Thomas have created comfortable accommodation with top-of-the-range facilities, from multimedia equipment to a wide range of kitchen utensils and household appliances, not forgetting equipment for children. You’ll find everything you need for a relaxing stay!


Friendliness and welcome

Marie and Thomas are particularly fond of Alsatian conviviality. So it’s only natural that they want to share it with their guests and create a warm atmosphere in their homes thanks to the many little details that you can discover on site. All the accommodation has a wide range of multimedia facilities, including free WiFi, is ‘kid-friendly’ and has a wide range of games, DVDs, books and magazines in every language for long hours of relaxation, sharing and laughter. The spacious kitchens and their many facilities invite you to prepare tasty dishes to share with family and friends.

The Logis du Printemps vision

Séjourner en Alsace

Les Logis du Printemps is about creating an innovative tourism offer, providing travellers from all horizons with authentic and unique holiday destinations, real cosy nests in Alsace, ideal starting points for unique and emotionally-charged tourist experiences.

Get away from it all in Alsace and enjoy some warm, friendly moments – that’s what Marie and Thomas want to offer you when you stay in their comfortable gîtes.

But their idea of travel goes far beyond simple accommodation. Thomas and Maris offer you a new way of travelling in Alsace. They see themselves as the creators of a lively, warm and friendly atmosphere, as well as the people who pass it on and forge links. Come on board with them and discover Alsace’s landscapes, its culinary and craft skills, and all the people who bring this region to life.

This is why they will welcome you personally and, for those who wish, will be at your side to help you put together your stay to suit your wishes.

Not only will they show you the must-sees and must-visit places in Alsace, of course, but they’ll also give you good advice, sharing their little treasures and other nuggets with you, opening the doors of the local players you’ll want to meet, and revealing their good ideas off the beaten track.

So Les Logis du Printemps is a living, evolving offering, guided by Thomas and Marie’s constant desire to share new discoveries, just like Alsace itself, which is constantly evolving… and boiling!

And they’re counting on you to add to this experience of sharing.